B e t w e e n   T w o   T r u t h s

BETWEEN TWO TRUTHS is an X-Files novella, completely unauthorized and probably unappreciated by anyone connected to Ten-Thirteen Productions or the Fox Network.  But since I didn't write it for them, I'm not too worried about it. :)   I have received no financial compensation for the writing of this story, and I mean no copyright infringement.  Consider this an homage to a smart and addictive show.

BTT: "Funeral for a Friend" #1

BTT: "Dead Man Walking " #2

BTT:  "True Lies" #3

BTT:  "The Invisible Man" #4

BTT:  "Face Off" #5

BTT:  "Internal Affairs" #6

BTT:  "Close Encounters " #7

BTT:  "Catch- 22" #8

BTT:  "The Price of Silence" #9

BTT:  "Point of No Return" #10

BTT:  "Lies My Father Told Me" #11

BTT:  "Crossroads" #12: Mild R version | NC-17 version

Download Between Two Truths series complete - zipped

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