S o n n e t

SONNET stories are post- or mid-episode vignettes about The X-Files. The story begins with a sonnet that sums up or clarifies the basic idea of the story through poetry. These stories generally deal with a theme raised in the X-Files episode in question, or they fill in blanks---or both. These stories are completely unauthorized and probably unappreciated by anyone connected to Ten-Thirteen Productions or the Fox Network. I have listed the name of the episode with which each story is connected. If a rating higher than PG-13 is needed, it is so indicated.

Much UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension) can be found herein.

SONNET: "Anchored" - post "Irresistible"

SONNET: "Awake For Ever" - post "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose"

SONNET: "Blame the Cosmos" - post "Syzygy"

SONNET: "Conscious Pulse" - post "Hell Money"

SONNET: "Effects of Time" - post "Nisei/731"

SONNET: "Fortune and Men's Eyes" - post "TSE: Amor Fati"

SONNET:  "Fragile is the Glass"  - post "Tempus Fugit/Max"  

SONNET: "Greater Meed" - post "The Field Where I Died"

SONNET: "Home- talk" - post "Home"

SONNET: "Home" - post "Wetwired"

SONNET: "Hope" - post "Quagmire"

SONNET: "Hope - Epilogue of Denial" - post "Quagmire"

SONNET: "Lone Dreams" - post "Small Potatoes"

SONNET: "Mutual Ransom" - post "Piper Maru/Apocrypha"

SONNET: "No Such Roses" - post "Sanguinarium"

SONNET: "One Heart" - post "Tunguska/Terma"

SONNET: "Out of the Abyss" - post "Grotesque"

SONNET: "Palm to Palm" - post "Unruhe"

SONNET: "Passage of a Song" - post "Post-Modern Prometheus"

SONNET: "Riddle Incomplete" - post "Paper Hearts"

SONNET: "Scent of a Woman" - post "Syzygy"

SONNET: "A Separable Spite" - post "Pusher"

SONNET: "Shadows, Rumors, Doubts" - post "Kitsunegari"

SONNET: "Sleep is Sweeter" - post "Jose Chung's From Outer Space" (Rated R)
(Winner of the 1996 "Best Post Episode Story" Spooky; 2nd Place "Best Vignette)

SONNET: "Song of Life" - post "Memento Mori"

SONNET: "Sorrow's End" - post "Anasazi/Blessing Way/Paper Clip"

SONNET: "So Short a Lease" - post "Leonard Betts"  

SONNET: "Spite of Fortune" - post "Fallen Angel"

SONNET:  "Struggling Green"  - post "Schizogeny"  

SONNET: "Time Removed" - post "One Breath"

SONNET: "Time's Best Jewel" - post "Redux II"

SONNET: "Unlooked-For Joy" - post "Teso Dos Bichos"

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